Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing


Enter the exciting world of rivers that disappear into the underworld as you float on inner tubes with only headlights to light your way after a 1 ½ hr drive from San Ignacio. Spectacular crystal formations of million years in the making. Massive cathedral sized chambers with walls of river sculptured rock. Imagine the experience as you float through a subterranean cathedral. Turn off your lights, leaving you with the sensation of drifting in a black void of timelessness and into the sacred realm of the ancient maya.


Departure: 9:00 am

Distance: 1 hr drive from San Ignacio

Duration: All day

Difficulty: Moderate

What to wear: Short or long pants & protective footwear.

What to bring: Extra change of clothes.

Minimum of 2 persons.


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# 10 Burns Avenue Inside Casa Blanca GuestHouse