ATM Cave

Travel to one the most popular Mayan ceremonial caves in the maya world. Discovered in 1986 in western belize, mapped and studied by archaeologist from 1993.

Tikal Site

Experience Tikal as the jungle comes alive. Howler monkeys and spider monkeys and toucans all sing as the sun fights an ongoing battle with the clouds.

Cave Tubing

Enter the exciting world of rivers that disappear into the underworld as you float on inner tubes with only headlights to light your way after a 1 ½ hr drive from San Ignacio. Spectacular crystal formations of million years in the making.

The Place where you should be!

The Ancient Maya developed very accurate calendars of the sun, moon & Venus. Time periods were very important for their agriculture. The months were of twenty days and the most important time period was twenty years called KATUN (7,200 days).
Stone monuments, pyramids and plazas were built to celebrate KATUN ending periods. Elias Cambranes spent twenty years touring Maya National Parks and Caves in Belize in Guatemala.
Working for all the big names in the business and big resorts, he decided to start working for himself twenty years ago. Following the footprints of the Mayan Culture allowed for the name KATUN AJAW “Lord of 20 years”.
Native to San Ignacio, I decided to explore life in Guatemala at the age of eighteen. As an English speaker, I would eventually find myself working in the tourism industry in 1987. Seeking an English education for my children I found myself in San Ignacio in 2001. It became my niche to be a Tikal Guide living in Belize; it’s been great ever since. I love to share the history culture and life of the Maya -ancient and present as I lead tours in Tikal.
I have selected the best guides to carry out the tours when I need to stay back. Safety and security is number 1 priority on our tours followed by excellent information and very reliable vehicles. Since the start of KATUN AJAW, in 2007 we have a perfect clean record in safety and reliability…join us in the experience.
Elias Cambranes
Tikal & ATM Guide
Belize & Guatemala Tour Guide

Elias Cambranes

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